Shiva Trust's
Gut No. 19/4, Main Road, At. Pachegaon, Tal. Newasa, Dist. Ahmednagar
Approved by: Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and Medical Education & Drugs Department of Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai
Affiliated to: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai
CET Cell Code: 9176    MUHS College Code: 153128

Details of Area Distribution

Ground floor- Teaching Block

Sr_No Room Sq.ft
2Preclinical Science Lab83.88902.54
3Advance Clinical Lab83.88902.54
4Nutrition Lab83.88902.54
5CHN Lab83.88 902.54
6Girls Common Room40.95902.54
7Faculty Room40.68437.71
8Lecture Hall124.651341.23
8Lecture Hall124.651341.23
11Faculty Room30.00437.71
12Staff Room83.88902.54
13Nursing Foundation Lab144.831558.37
14Vice Principal23.06234.47
15Principal Room40.68437.71
16HOD Room18.90203.36
17Libarary and Reading Room,Computer Room,A.V Aids Section251.912710.55
18Toilet49.50 532.62

First Floor- Teaching Block

Sr_No Room Sq.ft
19HOD Room19.38208.56
20HOD Room19.38208.56
21HOD Room19.38208.56
22HOD Room19.38208.56
23Computer Room167.941807.03
24Faculty Room83.52898.67
25Faculty Room83.52898.67
26A.V Aids Lab83.52898.67
30Boys Common Room40.95440.62
31Male Toilet and Bathrooms49.50 532.62
33Strong Rooms83.52898.67
35Lecture Hall124.651341.23
36Lecture Hall124.651341.23
37Boys Common Room40.95440.62
38Male Toilet and Bathrooms49.50 532.62

Second Floor- Hostel Block

Sr_No Room Sq.ft
39Recreation Room36.01 387.54
40Reading Room46.44499.69
41Single Room83.52 898.67
42Single Room83.52 898.67
43Single Room83.52 898.67
44Single Room83.52 898.67
45Single Room83.52 898.67
46Single Room83.52 898.67
47Single Room83.52 898.67
48Single Room83.52 898.67
49Warden Room83.52 898.67
50Single Room83.52 898.67
51Single Room83.52 898.67
52Single Room83.52 898.67
53Single Room83.52 898.67
54Single Room83.52 898.67
55Boys Common Rooms40.95 440.62
56Boys Common Rooms40.95 440.62
57Male Toilet and Bathroom 49.50532.62
58Male Toilet and Bathroom 49.50532.62

Third Floor- Hostel Block

Sr_No Room Sq.ft
59Recreation Room36.01387.54
60Reading Room46.44499.69
61Single Room83.52898.67
62Single Room83.52898.67
63Single Room83.52898.67
64Single Room83.52898.67
65Single Room83.52898.67
66Single Room83.52898.67
67Single Room83.52898.67
68Single Room83.52898.67
69Warden room83.52898.67
70Single Room83.52898.67
71Single Room83.52898.67
72Single Room83.52898.67
73Single Room83.52898.67
74Single Room83.52898.67
75Female Common Rooms40.95 440.62
76Female Common Rooms40.95 440.62
77Female Toilet and Bathroom49.50 532.62
78Female Toilet and Bathroom49.50 532.62